EZ Air Announces Rebranding to Z Air

KRALENDIJK/WILLEMSTAD – Local airline EZ Air, operating out of Curaçao and Bonaire, has made the strategic decision to rebrand itself as Z Air. The decision follows claims from the Easy Group over the use of the EZ Air name.

After careful internal and external deliberations, the company has opted for the rebranding to Z Air. “This transition involves minimal disruption, including a relatively minor adjustment to our logo, aircraft, and visual brand identity. Moreover, our existing IATA code, 7Z, makes this transition the easiest fix!” states EZ Air Director René Winkel.

Winkel emphasizes that while the company did not agree with the trademark claim made by Easy Group, it chose rebranding over protracted legal proceedings. “As previously mentioned, we prefer to focus our efforts on the continued growth of our airline, rather than incurring substantial legal expenses and expending unnecessary time and energy,” he explained.

Winkel also clarified that the dispute with Easy Group did not include any legal action or court procedure. “Contrary what I read in some media, at no point did we engage in a legal battle or was this issue presented to any Court. While we may have differing opinions with Easy Group, our interactions have always maintained a mutual respect and professionalism,” said Winkel.

Gradual implementation

Implementation of the new brand identity will occur gradually over the next few weeks. According to Commercial Director Sueyenne Dammerman, the rebranding will not impact operations, passengers, or employees. “We are appreciative of the support we’ve received throughout this process, not only from our team of dedicated employees, but also from many of our loyal passengers. This encouragement further motivates us to continually enhance our product.”

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