EZ Air Executes Pre-Demo Flight Between ABC Islands

EZ Air's Beechcraft 1900 parked at Flamingo Airport after arriving from Aruba. Photo: EZ Air
ABC Pre Demo Flight Dec 7

EZ Air’s Beechcraft 1900 parked at Flamingo Airport after arriving from Aruba. Photo: EZ Air

Kralendijk- Yesterday at around 10.45 AM, EZ Air’s first flight with the Beechcraft 1900 arrived in Bonaire on a pre-Demo flight between the ABC islands.

The aircraft with registration PJ EZA took off from Curaçao International Airport at 8.10 AM to touch down at Aruba’s Queen Beatrix Airport shortly before 8.30 in the morning. After receipt by the ground handling company at Aruba and some refreshments, the plane took off again to Bonaire.

In Bonaire EZ Air’s flight was met by the local press, which were taken on a short sightseeing flight close to the Aves islands and above Klein Curaçao, before returning to Bonaire International Airport.

On board of the sightseeing trip was also commissioner Ibi Martis, who showed himself impressed with the aircraft and the space on board.

EZ Air is in the final phase of completing the full certification by the Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA). Once approval is received, the company will start with ticket sales and will start with the execution of flights between Bonaire and Curaçao and shortly thereafter with direct flights between Curaçao and Aruba.

The start of flights by EZ Air is highly anticipated. Insel Air flights to the island have all but ground to a halt and seats on competing carriers are very limited.

EZ Air’s CEO, Rene Winkel, was very satisfied with the way the demo flight proceeded. “This gives us a chance to test all our systems and ensure that we are ready to start operations. We have a highly motivated team which is very eager to start with providing travelers an alternative in the form of affordable tickets and reliable service”.

Chief pilot, Franklin Antoin, is very pleased with the Beechcraft’s performance. “The Beechcraft is quite comfortable for the passengers, but also a nice plane to fly as a pilot. We are convinced that our Beechcraft 1900’s will be appreciated by travelers between the island”, said a beaming Antoin.

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