EZ Air Executes Special Evacuation Flight

EZ Air’s Beechraft 1900 seen this afternoon at Statia’s FDR Airport. Photo: Danielson Antoin

Kralendijk/Oranjestad- EZ Air today executed a special charter flight to pick up ZVK patients in Medellin, Colombia to carry them to Bonaire and St. Eustatius respectively.

The PJ-EZE this morning left from Curaçao in a stright flight to Medellin. From Medellin the flight departed directly to Bonaire. After the stop-over in Bonaire, where some patients residing in Bonaire disembarked, the flight continued on to the FDR airport in St. Eustatius.

After taking off from St. Eustatius, the plane made a short fuel stop in Sint Maarten, before flying back to Curaçao in the early evening.

Although commercial airplane traffic has come to a near complete standstill, some mainly medical flights are still being executed between the islands. Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten are all willing to receive patients from the smaller islands in case of medical emergencies.

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