EZ Air Mechanics Wrap Up Training in Aruba

A group of EZ Air mechanics this week finalized a training in Aruba. Photo: EZ Air.
Technicians Training Aruba

A group of EZ Air mechanics this week participated in a specialized training in Aruba. The total group of participants (including participants from other companies) seen here posing together near the training location. Photo: EZ Air.

Kralendijk- A group of EZ Air mechanics participated in a training provided by Beechcraft Raytheon, which was executed in Aruba this week.

The training was necessary to prepare the mechanics for the 2 Beechcraft 1900D machines EZ Air expects to receive this months. Currently, both aircraft are undergoing an avionics upgrade at a specialized facility in Florida.

EZ Air owner René Winkel said to be satisfied with the results of the training. “All our mechanics passed with flying colours. I really didn’t expect anything else, because we have the best mechanics.”, said Winkel.

EZ Air currently operates a single Britten-Norman Islander aircraft on a charter basis, but will move on to providing scheduled services between the ABC-islands and beyond one the new 19-seater Beechcraft are taken into service.

EZ Air was able to realize the expansion of their fleet through an investment made by the Pension Fund Caribbean Netherlands (PCN).

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