EZ Air to Deploy Extra Flights for Dia di Rincon

EZ Air CEO René Winkel says the airline will execute several extra flights to cope with demand. Photo: Lorenzo Silié

Kralendijk – Airline company EZ Air will be executing several extra flights in the run-up to the Dia di Rincon. According to EZ Air director Rene Winkel, the regular flights that the airline operates are nearly all fully booked, while there is still a considerable demand for more seats.

“We notice that our planes are nearly constantly full from before Easter,” says Winkel. The regular flights that the airline offers therefore offer no solution for the extra crowds looking to travel around the Dia di Rincon. “It is good to realize that not only do many people want to go to the Dia di Rincon, but the same people must also be transported back afterwards, on different days”.

Winkel says that the airline had already added several extra flights to the schedule in the last 2 weeks, but that these have also filled up quickly. “So far we have hardly actively promoted the extra flights because they sell out all by themselves”, says Winkel. According to the Airline’s CEO, there is still operational flexibility to add some more flights.

“Our reservation department monitors the flights so that when we see a need for more seats we add them, as long as it is commercially feasible,” says Winkel.

According to Winkel, the occupation on flights between Curaçao and Aruba has also picking up considerably. “In the beginning passengers, especially in Aruba, did not always know how find us, but that is improving quite quickly.

According to Winkel, the airline receives a lot of positive feedback about the speed of the aircraft and the space on board. “Our Beechcraft planes fly very fast. A flight between Bonaire and Curaçao takes a mere 15 minutes and between Curaçao and Aruba just about 20 minutes. People like that. We notice that we have more and more regular customers who like the comfort of our planes and prefer to fly EZ Air “, says Winkel.

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