EZ Air will be rebranding with new trade name

WILLEMSTAD/KRALENDIJK – Airline EZ Air will soon have a new trade name. This decision arises from the actions of the owners of the British airline EasyJet, who registered various variations of the name and the word ‘EASY,’ in combination with various words related to aviation activities.

EZ Air recently received an official letter from EasyJet, accusing the airline of infringing on its intellectual property rights. EZ Air was also instructed to immediately cease ticket sales for flights to Colombia to Britons, Europeans, and Americans.

“Needless to say, we are not in agreement with EasyJet’s position. However, we are a relatively small regional carrier. We cannot afford to engage in a lengthy legal battle with a very well-capitalized group, while the outcome of that battle is uncertain,” says EZ Air CEO René Winkel about the situation. “The EasyJet group is an immensely well-capitalized group with significant resources, and as a local player, we are simply not on the same level.”

The action against EZ Air is not unique. EasyJet has been in legal disputes with the EASYFLY group from Colombia for years. Eventually, earlier this year, that airline also chose to continue under an entirely new name: Clic.


Behind the scenes, EZ Air is still working on the final choice of a new name. “Although the legal entity, the organization, and flight operations of the airline remain entirely the same, the rebranding will also involve the launch of a new website with the new name.

Winkel promises that once the final choice for the new name is made, customers will be provided with the necessary information. “Over the years, we have established a strong position on our routes through a good product and comfortable aircraft. None of that will change, and we are confident about this rebranding,” said Winkel.


Meanwhile, the EasyJet group has indicated that it can accept the action taken by EZ Air to rebrand its flights under a new name in the relatively near future.

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