Falling Rocks Have Attention of Saba Government

Boulders rolling off the surrounding hills could cause serious accidents or even loss of live on especially to road to Fort Bay.

The Bottom, Saba – The issue of falling rocks as a result of erosion, in particular the Fort Bay Road, has the attention of Commissioner of Public Works and Infrastructure Bruce Zagers.

Considering the importance of the Fort Bay Road for the accessibility of the harbor, Zagers said on Monday that an expert will be brought in to advise on what is possible to help alleviate the erosion problem in the areas where rocks have been recently sliding from the hill.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the latest rock sliding incident, but it presented some inconvenience for the people that were at a party down at the harbor. Transportation was arranged for the stranded people and an excavator was brought in to clear the boulders. Operations at the harbor were back on Sunday morning.

Zagers explained that there is always a risk of rocks coming down with Saba’s steep hills and the ever-present erosion. “It can always happen, anywhere and not just on the road leading to the harbor. It is unfortunate that it happened,and thankfully no one was injured, but rocks will come down from time to time on an island with steeps hills like Saba”, said Zagers.

Zagers also said that Government is fully aware of the need for a secondary access road for the harbor. “We have been looking in to this. In fact, I think that this should be the next major infrastructural project for Saba,” said Zagers, who explained that a road is not built over-night and that it takes years to prepare such an extensive project which also involves private landowners.

In the meantime, the multi-million harbor expansion project will continue. Canceling this project in favor of constructing a secondary access road for the harbor, as has been suggested, is not going to happen, Zagers made clear. “We won’t pull the plug on the harbor project because of a rock slideThe funding is in place for the harbor project and the planning is far ahead. Canceling the project that is so important for Saba’s development would be irresponsible governing.” The harbor projectis expectedtostart this year. 

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