Family Surprises Police cadets after initiation training week

KRALENDIJK – Last week, the class of Police Cadets for 2023-2025 of the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force began their police training in the form of an “initiation.” 

On Sunday, September 17, they concluded the initiation, and the aspirants marched from Sorobon to the police station in Playa. Families were present to receive them and welcome them.

For every aspirant, it was a surprise to meet their families at the police station. There were many emotional moments, with mothers in tears of tension, as they saw their family members standing in formation before them.

At the occasion, Lionel Vrutaal, who is the educational coordinator of KPCN, spoke among others, as well as coach Roën Trinidad and Sherman Blanken, who are the mentors for the new aspirants.


“After one week of hard work, you are here standing, tired, but all 24 are here. Well done. You know the challenge is not over. The most important support for this role is, mom, dad, siblings, and the entire family.”

Afterward, family members had the opportunity to embrace their police aspirants.

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