Festival di Barí brings Christmas spirit to Wilhelminaplein

KRALENDIJK – On Friday, December 22, Wilhelminaplein in Kralendijk will be transformed into a vibrant festival ground for ‘Festival di Barí,’ organized by Servisio di Kultura Arte i Literatura (SKAL) and Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB). From 6:00 PM to 11 PM, visitors can enjoy traditional music fitting for the year-end celebrations, performed by both local and Curaçaoan music groups.

One of the highlights is the performance by Yonchi Dortalina, known for his Barí music compositions, who will perform alongside the music group Tutti Frutti. The local group ‘Grupo Sababa’ will provide performances with tambú and music di barí, while ‘Jom Gaiteros,’ another local group, will showcase the gaita rhythms. From Curaçao, ‘Los paranderos,’ a gaita group, will travel to Bonaire specifically for this event.

The festival is part of a special Christmas shopping evening with attractions on Wilhelminaplein. On the square, there is a special booth with Christmas scenes painted by artist Ghislaine Monte. Visitors can take a photo with a Christmas background at this booth starting from Tuesday, December 19. The square will also feature stalls with delicious food and drinks, as well as booths selling various items.

‘Grupo Rosina’ will further enhance the event with a standard repertoire of Christmas songs, creating a festive atmosphere on Bonaire.”

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