Final episodes of ‘Het Perfecte Plaatje’ (RTL4) recorded on Bonaire

Final episodes of ‘Het Perfecte Plaatje’ (RTL4) recorded on Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- In the utmost secrecy, recordings were made on Bonaire for the final episodes of ‘Het Perfecte Plaatje’ (The Perfect Picture). This Dutch TV program is currently in its 6th season and has over 2 million weekly viewers on RTL4. 

Ten Dutch celebrities competed in a photo competition, led by presenter Tijl Beckand, and a professional jury. TV presenters Patrick Martens, Frits Sissing and actress Georgina Verbaan, are among the 3 finalists, which will be broadcast in 2 episodes from Wednesday, December 15th, at 8:30 pm at RTL4. Both final episodes were recorded on Bonaire; during the broadcast on December 8th, it was revealed to the Dutch viewers that the final battle between the finalists will take place in Bonaire.

In ‘Het Perfecte Plaatje’, the finalists receive various photography assignments that must be performed throughout the island and cover various locations and topics. Bonaire’s pristine nature and the island’s culinary offerings are captured, as well as watersports and the underwater world are photographed through the photo assignments, where the finalists go snorkeling at Klein Bonaire and capture local talent during kite surfing.


“This is a great opportunity for Bonaire, to reach millions of viewers during the cold winter period in The Netherlands and to showcase our island in a creative way. Through the photographers in the program, the Dutch TV viewer gets a good impression of the different activities that you can do here in our untouched nature and hopefully will serve as inspiration to come and make their own ‘perfecte plaatje’ (perfect picture) on our sunny island as well,” said Miles Mercera, CEO of Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB).

The crew of ‘Het Perfecte Plaatje’ stayed on the island for a period of 9 days to make the recordings for the 2 final episodes. The stay on Bonaire was made possible by means of 

sponsorship from TCB, accommodation partner Delfins Beach Resort, and airline company KLM. TCB thanks all other island partners that collaborated and otherwise participated in the TV recordings during filming of ‘Het Perfecte Plaatje’ on Bonaire.

The 2 final episodes of the 6th season of ‘Het Perfecte Plaatje’ can be seen upcoming Wednesday, December 15th and 22nd, at 8:30 pm Dutch time on RTL4. The re-run can be watched online via after local time 5:15 pm on both dates. Regular updates of the program can be found the upcoming weeks on TCB’s Dutch Facebook page, @BonaireToerisme.

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