Finally, satisfaction on Bonaire regarding measures against poverty

KRALENDIJK – Although it took over 13 years, there now appears to be widespread satisfaction with the approach to poverty on the BES islands.

During a press conference just after noon as part of their working visit, Minister Carola Schouten and Alexandra van Huffelen reiterated what is changing and improving in terms of the lowest incomes.

Schouten expressed her happiness that the social minimum had finally been determined, along with other measures against poverty on the islands.

“A little over a year ago, I visited some families on the island, where I saw real poverty. It deeply affected me,” Schouten said.

Glen Thodé, the chairman of the committee that conducted research on the required social minimum, also expressed satisfaction. “To be honest, the package of measures has come closer to what the Committee wanted to see than I had dared to hope for beforehand.”

Lower costs

According to State Secretary Van Huffelen, the cost side is also being considered. “Temporary measures, such as subsidies for electricity and water costs, will continue. The State Secretary invites citizens to check for themselves how much they will actually benefit from all the measures.

Joyful day

“It’s a joyful day,” says island Governor Reynold (Nolly) Oleana. According to the Governor, the amount that the Caribbean Netherlands will receive annually to combat poverty is significant. In addition, the Netherlands will also make money available to finally establish a functioning public transportation system.

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