Finally, solution in sight for persistent problems at Tanki Matrimonio

The Government of Bonaire and the project developer for years have accused each other of not holding up their end of the deal. Photo: Monalisa Domecassé

KRALENDIJK- After years of ongoing problems and frustrations, there is finally a solution on the horizon for the drainage issues at Tanki Matrimonio. 

Commissioner of Infrastructure, Anjelica Cicilia, explained on Friday that the Public Entity is now working on concrete plans with the developer to jointly address the problems. 

Residents of the neighbourhood, after every significant rainfall, are on the brink of despair as entire streets turn into mud puddles. For years, there has been a tug-of-war over who is responsible for the fact that the infrastructure and road network in the neighbourhood were never completed. 


“Both parties need to take responsibility their responsibility do what is necessary to solve the issues.  We are engaged in constructive discussions, and we hope to announce very the concrete agreement made to solve this longstanding problem,” Cicilia said.

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