Financial Budget Bonaire fifteen percent higer in 2023

KRALENDIJK- The Executive Council of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) has also submitted the budget of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) for the coming year to the Island Council.

Total income for 2023 is estimated at 72.6 million dollars, which is 15 percent higher compared to the 2022 budget. The extra income is mainly due to the new tourist tax and the increase in the free payment. Tourist tax revenues are cautiously estimated at $12.4 million in total for the year 2023, which is a threefold increase compared to 2019. Expenses are estimated at $73.5 million.

A total amount of USD 3 million has been reserved in the 2023 budget for poverty alleviation and support for vulnerable groups in collaboration with Sentro Akseso Boneiru. A major investment of $4.5 million is also planned for the infrastructure construction of two new schools. In addition, significant investments are also being made in expanding the recruitment of staff and digitizing the OLB, in order to improve services to citizens. A total amount of USD 2.5 million is available for road maintenance, excluding the amounts from the multi-year road program. Investments for the new container port and for refurbishing public spaces have also been taken into account.


Other priorities for which expenditure is budgeted are the stimulation of entrepreneurship and diversification of the economy, the integrated sports program and an extra amount as an investment for the new ‘drag strip’ that will come shortly.

In addition, an additional $400,000 has been included in the 2023 budget to promote culture more among the population and to provide better support for cultural organizations. For the first time, the OLB will also reserve an amount as a subsidy for the decompression tank. There is also an extra amount for the information campaign and enforcement program for animal welfare.

In the adopted budget of 2022, a deficit of $1.38 million was forecast for 2023, but in the end the executive council arrived at an unfavorable budget balance of $931,000. The long-term budget is balanced.


The College for Financial Supervision Cft has assessed the budget and has provided the Executive Council with advice. The points for improvement resulting from this have been incorporated in the budget that was sent to the Island Council. This will soon be discussed in the Island Council. To go through the budget for 2023 yourself, you can click on this link:

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