Financing Needed for Execution of Flamingo Airport’s Masterplan

A long line of customers waiting to purchase a discounted Insel Air Ticket at Flamingo Airport
Financing Needed for Execution of Flamingo Airport’s Masterplan
Some short-term improvements have already been realized, but more is needed. Photo; ABC Online media

KRALENDIJK – Bonaire’s Flamingo Airport will hold exploratory talks with private parties, banks and pension funds in November for the financing of the master plan that has been drawn up.

According to Interim Director Jos Hillen, it is important that the Master Plan is implemented as soon as possible. “We need to further improve security, for instance by building a safe space for all parked aircraft with sufficient distance to the runway. The Dutch Inspection for Air Transport and Environment as also indicated this to us”.

However, there are other reasons why we need to hurry up. For example, efforts must be made to solve the capacity shortage for the handling of passengers, with long queues and  long waiting times. In addition, the airport must be ready for expected growth in the coming years.


According to Hillen, the aim is to reach an agreement with the parties involved by mid-2022. After that, the drafting up of the technical plan can start, with all the associated procedures and communication. “If that process is completed properly, an Implementing Plan can be drawn up, and the tendering process for the work can begin,” says the director.


Hillen indicates that the airport will not sit still in the meantime. “In the meantime, we are going to take a number of interim solutions to compensate for the capacity shortage for passengers as good as we can. The arrival hall will be enlarged by about 30%. There will be a new and longer baggage belt. And we make a canopy for the arriving passengers who have to queue on arrival, so that they do not have to wait in the sun.

Recently, 2 large fans with a diameter of 7.2 meters were also installed on the roof in the terminal to improve comfort for the check-in passengers and staff.

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