Fiod investigates companies on Bonaire

Fiod investigates companies on Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – The investigative body of the Tax Authority, Fiod, is investigating a number of companies on Bonaire, for non-compliance with the BES tax laws. They would have paid too little tax and do not comply with the information and administration obligations. 

These investigations were instituted as a result of the analysis by the Belastingdienst Caribisch Nederland (BCN) of tax returns. Last week, under the leadership of the Public Prosecutor, in cooperation with the Dutch Caribbean Police Force and the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary, various searches were conducted in Kralendijk at the relevant companies. 

Searches in the Netherlands
Also in the Netherlands, a search was conducted at the home of a director of one of these companies. Administration, computers and other data carriers were seized. In the past week several suspects and witnesses were heard by Fiod detectives. These detectives came over from the European Netherlands for these searches and interrogations. 

The BES Public Prosecutor’s Office states that these criminal investigations could probably have been prevented if the companies and the responsibilities within those companies had complied with the BCN’s requests promptly and correctly.

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