Fire Department Renews Cooperation with Training Institute

The Director of BOGO, Herry Ester (left) and interim General Commander of BKCN, Albert Gieling with the signed agreement.

Kralendijk- The Caribbean Netherlands Fire Brigade (BKCN) and the fire department training institute BOGO has been extended for two years.

BKCN and BOGO have been successfully working together for several years on fire education for BKCN. The extension was signed by the interim General Commander of BKCN, Albert Gieling and the director of BOGO, Mr. Herry Ester. Gieling states that BKCN and BOGO have worked together in a positive and enjoyable manner over the past few years: ‘BOGO is a very expert and committed partner in fire education’.

BOGO is an institute from the European Netherlands that provides fire brigade training for firemen and sub officials. BOGO and BKCN have been working together for several years to provide fire training and fire exams. This collaboration has now been extended for a period of two years.

Train the trainer

Well educated and trained firefighters are important to BKCN. Legislation and regulations set high requirements for training, examining, further training and practice with the fire brigade. BOGO supports BKCN to meet these requirements. They work according to the ’train the trainer’ principle. BOGO helps BKCN to train their instructors in the latest knowledge and skills. The instructors of BKCN then take care of the training, exercises and refresher courses within the corps as much as possible. In this way, knowledge and skills are retained as much as possible within the own brigade.

The cooperation with BOGO helps BKCN to keep the competence of the firefighters, on all three islands, at a high level.

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