Fire Department welcomes new crash tender

The Caribbean Netherlands Fire Brigade (BKCN) has held a special wet down ceremony for its brand new crash tender at the Juancho Yrausquin Airport

Kralendijk- On Friday March 24th The Caribbean Netherlands Fire Brigade (BKCN) held a special wet down ceremony for its brand new crash tender at the Juancho Yrausquin Airport at Flat Point. The new fire vehicle was commissioned especially for operation at Saba’s airport and has been put into use after a week of training by technicians from the company Rosenbauer. The ceremony was attended by all firemen/woman, airport management and staff and Island Governor, Jonathan Johnson.

General Commander of the Caribbean Netherlands Fire Brigade, Jair Tromp, travelled to Saba for this occasion. Tromp explained that the Ministry of Security and Justice had commissioned this crash tender to meet the specific requirements of Saba which is a category 3 airport. “It took more than a year and I am happy this vehicle is finally here and can be put into use whenever required. I am equally proud to say that throughout the past several years the team here on Saba has been trained and upgraded in various disciplines of firefighting and disaster management. Our mission to strengthen the entire Caribbean Netherlands Fire Brigade continues. I am pleased with the results thus far”, said Tromp.

Island Governor Jonathan Johnson, on behalf of the Executive Council, said: “With the acquisition of this new fire truck I hope that everyone recognizes and acknowledges the investments which the Dutch government is making on our island. With these investments in materials and the upgrading of personnel there comes a certain amount of expectations and standards”. According to Johnson in the next few years the island has to continue building upon what they currently have to meet the expected demands and standards.

Local Commander, Julio Every, thanked his team for their efforts and commitment to their work. “This crash tender is a great improvement not only for our department, but also for the airport as the truck carries the name, Juancho Yrausquin. As Team Saba we pledge to always take care of all our vehicles and equipment and continue to upgrade and maintain our professionalism within the organization”, according to Fire Chief.

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