Fire resistance of Cliff Tarp to be examined after fire raises questions

ORANJESTAD – The Government of the Public Entity St. Eustatius has said on Wednesday that a study will be executed to examen the fire resistance of the material used to cover The Cliff in an effort to prevent erosion. 

While a large part of The Cliff was already covered with the material in an earlier phase, currently a new part of The Cliff is being covered with the tarp and also with steel preventing rocks or sand from sliding down. 

A fire that started on The Cliff after the Fireworks lighted at midnight on Statia Day has raised concerns about the fact that the material may -or probably is- not fire-resistant. 


“On the evening of Statia Day a fire occurred on the cliff behind the Harbour Club Hotel to the cliff protection material that is currently being installed there. This matter has our attention and we immediately ordered several investigations into it. These investigations are currently ongoing. As soon as the outcome thereof is known, we will inform the public further regarding this incident”, according to a press release from Statia Government on Tuesday. 

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