First and Second Chamber committee members for kingdom relations visits Washington Slagbaai Park.

Kralendijk – On Sunday January 5th, a delegation consisting of fourteen members of the First and Second Chamber committees for kingdom relations and staff paid a working visit to Washington Slagbaai National Park.

This visit was to get a better insight of the management of the nature park. The delegation was guided by the Washington park chief ranger Mr. George “Kultura” Thodé and the park manager Mr. Albert Crestiaan also more member of the STINAPA management team were present for this visit. The delegation received a tour of the museum first, then a tour of the park stopping at different noteworthy sites. They also received explanation by biologist Paolo Bertuol on various current projects in the park. Trips like this are important to explain the importance of the work STINAPA does and will continue to do, the importance of nature and conservation of it. And of course to enjoy the beautiful nature of Bonaire.

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