First day World Championship Sunfish sailing Italy summary

The World Championship team Sunfish has started in Italy with the 51st World Championship in which 94 sailors from around the world participate.

On dia di Bonaire, September 6, the Bonairean Sunfish team was allowed to test its strengths for the first time with the international top of Sunfish sailing. This tournament takes place on Lake Garda. The wind starts blowing every day from 12 noon and towards 6 p.m. the wind dies down again. In the morning, while preparing for the race, the sailors look at the water and think…it will be windy, won’t it?

At 1 pm the first race started with good wind. A total of 3 races were sailed with varying results for the team members. The wind was there, but it turned a lot, which made it difficult. The final score after the first day with 94 participants, during which the wind conditions were really introduced for the first time, is Kabes Soliano in a beautiful 37th place, Robert Verboom 40th , Hans de Waard 45th, Alexander Tromp 50th, Ton Nuijten 53th, Sipke Stapert 65th and Ralf Theyse 75th. A great start with great perspectives for the rest of the tournament.

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