First edition of KLM Nature Walk & Hike Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – The Zorg & Welzijn Groep, in collaboration with Comcabon and KLM, is organizing the very first edition of the Nature Walk & Hike Bonaire.

The hike will start on June 23. A total of 500 people can participate in the first edition, an event entirely dedicated to walking in nature.

KLM Walk & Hike

Norison Conquet from Comcabon Bonaire shared the following: “The goal is purely to walk in nature, without any competitive element,” emphasized Conquet. “Unlike the marathons in Curaçao and Aruba, we are focusing on a relaxed nature walk.” Comcabon is an organization on Bonaire that organizes running events on the island.

The walk begins at the airport and follows a route that goes up to Seru Largu. The route continues through nature via various roads. There are two distances: one of 6 kilometers and one of 10 kilometers, with several water stations along the way to keep participants hydrated. “We aim to have a water station every two kilometers,” added Conquet. “The walk starts early in the morning, so the temperature will be pleasant.”

Test Event

The organizers have also paid attention to the environment. “Our volunteers ensure that there are trash bins at each station, and after the event, the route is checked to clean up any remaining litter,” said Mo-Shainy Iltes, who works as a Social Support Coordinator at the Zorg & Welzijn Groep Bonaire.

“The event currently accommodates up to 500 participants, but there is room for expansion if there is significant interest. “It is a test event. After the event, we will evaluate the pilot to see how we can improve it in the future,” Iltes mentioned.

Tickets cost 15 dollars and are available, among other places, at Zorg & Welzijn Groep, located at Kaya Irlanda #6.

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