First four students receive Bonaire Tourism Scholarship

KRALENDIJK- In August 2022, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) signed a partnership agreement with Guardian Group Fatum (GGF) to jointly launch an educational initiative for the Bonairean community entitled ‘The Bonaire Tourism Scholarship Program’.

The applicants were given the opportunity to apply for the Bonaire Tourism Scholarship Program for two months. October 10 was the deadline to submit their application. They received a total of 59 registrations. After filtering all applications, 19 candidates remained eligible.

The first four who met all entry requirements were selected and honored with their Bonaire Tourism Scholarship. All candidates study Tourism & Hospitality at the SGB, MBO department. TCB hopes to award further additional scholarships once all eligibility requirements have been met.

About the scholarship

The Bonaire Tourism Scholarship Program helps fund individual professional development courses and full-time academic courses in all areas of Hospitality and Tourism Management for Associate (MBO), Bachelor and Master degree programs. This with the aim to improve the recruitment of qualified locals and to stimulate the retention and professional growth in the tourism sector of Bonaire.

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