First local woman as 1st team leader Border Police Caribbean Netherlands

Guy has been working for KMar and border protection for quite some years. Photo: KMar

KRALENDIJK – On October 25, Suelaica (Suzy) Guy was promoted to 1st team leader for Border Police tasks at the Royal Military Police. In HER new position, she will become even more of a point of contact for the KMar and will be more involved in the tactical and operational management of the KMar. She will also be actively involved in coaching and guiding younger colleagues.

Guy has been employed by the Royal Military Police for a long time and has gained a lot of experience in the various task areas of this organization. Thanks to her efforts and network, she has been able to do a lot of important work, and that is partly why she was hired for this position. A great step in her promising career.


According to Kmar this is a historic moment as Suzy Guy is the first female Coordinator for Border Police Tasks of the KMar on Bonaire and subsequently the first female 1st Team Leader for Border Police Tasks at the KMar Caribbean Netherlands.

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