First Repatriation Flight Lands at Flamingo Airport

The PH-BVS touched down at Flamingo Airport at 4:26 on Friday, March 17. Photo: Harald Linkels

Kralendijk- The first repatriation flight out of The Netherlands is a fact, with KLM’s Boeing 777 touching down at Flamingo Airport this afternoon.

A large crowd had gathered to look at the plane’s landing. It is only the second time for a Boeing Triple 7 to land in Bonaire.

Strict security measures could be noted after the landing of the plane. Buses were driven on to the tarmac to pick up the arriving passengers, while the road in front of the Airport was completely blocked off by a handful of police cars. This caused residents of Belnem having to drive all the way around via Kaminda Sorobon and Tera Korá to get reach Playa or get back to their home from town center.

Buddy Dive

The returning residents will be centrally located at the Buddy Dive resort and will be required to complete a strict 2-week quarantine. The residents will all be assigned a ‘buddy’ from the Bonaire Government. The buddy will check up on the returning residents and ensure that they are doing well.

The quarantined residents can cook in their own apartment and can use the balcony, but will not be allowed to leave the apartment and cannot make use of the hotel’s facilities. They are also in charge of their own cleaning.

44 persons

A total group of 44 residents has returned to the island today. The biggest group has arrived on KLM out of Holland. A smaller group of 7 residents was brought back out of Colombia per chartered plane, as their medical treatment was completed. Both groups will be located at Buddy Dive.

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