First Saba Day celebration in the Netherlands a big success

Singer Saskia Matthew (right) and the rest of the E.B.I. Music Group from Saba got the crowd wild with their energetic performance.

Vlaardingen – The first ever Saba Day celebration in the Netherlands on Saturday December 15 turned out to be a huge success. More than 250 people of all ages originating from Saba came to the club Prikkewater in Vlaardingen to dance, eat and drink together and to meet friends and family. 

The Entyce Proggers and Party People Association, managed and backed by Lucia Woods, organized the event that featured the E.B.I. Music Group from Saba, DJ Zanderzone (Alessandro Guido), DJ Twice (Kevin Hassell) and DJ Hotbreak (Chadiro Hassell). The first two DJs came over from Saba, as did the band. DJ Hotbreak hails from Saba, but lives in the Netherlands. Performers Ebershen, Mstar and the 416 Crew were also in the house to add to the energetic vibe and the lively atmosphere, as did young rap sensation Guapoo, a Saban who goes to school in the Netherlands.

DJ Twice (Kevin Hassell) and Jerome Matthew of the E.B.I. Music Group.

The event started with an opening word of Commissioner of Culture Rolando Wilson who said he was very proud to be part of the first ever Saba Day celebration in the Netherlands. “I am moved to see so many Sabans who have made the Netherlands their home celebrating with us today.”

Wilson said Saba Day was a day to reflect on how far Saba and its people have come and where they want to go. “So many of you came to the Netherlands to pursue higher education, while others came to look for new and different opportunities. And while you are far from our Unspoiled Queen, Saba is still your home.”

Wilson, who was in the Netherlands as part of the Saba delegation together with Commissioner Bruce Zagers, Island Secretary Tim Muller and advisor Piet Gerritsen, reflected on the positive meetings that the delegation had with the different Dutch ministries in The Hague.

“As we near the end of our trip, we got this great opportunity to see faces we have not seen in a long time, to exchange stories and, most importantly, to have a good time and celebrate what it means to be Saban,” said Wilson. Commissioner Zagers welcomed everyone to the first Saba Day celebration in the Netherlands and introduced the performers.

Sabans of all ages enjoyed the celebration.

Everyone attending the event was highly positive. “I didn’t know so many Sabans live here. The atmosphere is very good and the people really enjoy themselves. It gives people a taste of home,” said DJ Zanderzone Alessandro Guido. 

“It is a great event. It brings people together, warm people. Love rules,” said Dolorda Hassell, who has been living in the Netherlands for 23 years. Soraida Levenstone, 21 years in the Netherlands: “It is great to get together, meeting people whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. The food is very good and so is the music and the dancing.”

Levenstone and many who attended Saturday’s event would like to see a yearly celebration of Saba Day in the Netherlands. “They should organize this every year,” said Imelda Lynch, who has been living in the Netherlands for 20 years. “It is great to see so many Sabans, to meet family members and long lost friends,” added Lynch. Lakiesha Marten, born in the Netherlands whose family hails from Saba, agreed. “It seems a good idea to have this every year. We never did this before, to get everyone together like this. I am really enjoying the good music.”

The Saba Day celebration in the Netherlands brought together friends and family.
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