First visit of cruise ship Mein Schiff 1 to Bonaire

KRALENDIJK– Cruise ship Mein Schiff 1, sailing under the Maltese flag, visited Bonaire for the first time over the weekend. In the early morning hours, Mein Schiff entered the port of Bonaire with a total of 1500 passengers and 1100 crew members on board.

Harbor Master Günther Flanegin has welcomed Captain Omar Caruana and his crew to Bonaire.
On behalf of the Public Entity Bonaire, Christopher Frans, who represented Lieutenant Governor Rijna, handed over the Bonairean flag to Captain Omar Caruana and gave him an extensive explanation of the meaning of the flag.
Harbor master Günther Flanegin gave the captain a photo of the moment when the cruise ship entered the port of Bonaire.
Derchlien Vrolijk, marketing coordinator of the Tourism Corporation Bonaire presented a photo of Bonaire to Captain Omar Caruana and Ruewem Leito of the shipping agency Maduro Shipping presented a plaque in the shape of the island of Bonaire.
Captain Omar Caruana expressed his gratitude for all the gifts and presented a memento of the ship to the party as a token of appreciation. In the evening the ship departed for St Lucia and then sailed on to Madeira with Germany as its final destination.

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