Fishermen’s cooperative Bonaire visits the Saba fishing sector

KRALENDIJK/THE BOTTOM- A delegation from fisheries cooperative Piskabon is visiting Saba from 30 November to 5 December. This visit, initiated and organized by Piskabon, is all about exchanging knowledge, strengthening cooperation and brotherhood between the fishermen of the Caribbean Netherlands.

At Piskabon’s request, a representative of the World Wildlife Fund, Stacey Mac Donald, is also present.

During the visit Piskabon gets acquainted with the board of the Saba Fisherman Association. The exchange is intended to exchange knowledge and experiences with each other. In this way, the organizations help each other and strengthen their position within their community.

Piskabon also gets to know the Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) and the Saba Bank Management Unit to learn about their role within Saba’s fishing industry. The aim is to investigate possibilities for cooperation to further strengthen and make the fishing sector on Bonaire more sustainable for the benefit of the Bonairian fisherman.

Wahoo Tournament

The visit takes place during the week of Saba Day, when the famous fishing competition, the Saba Day Wahoo tournament, is also organized. Piskabon has put together a group of Bonairean fishermen of different generations who will participate in this competition.  “In addition to a healthy dose of competition, Piskabon’s participation in the competition is all about brotherhood and strengthening the relationship between fishermen and fishing communities on the islands”, according to the fishermen.

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