Five Men Arrested on Bonaire After Throwing Oranges and Rocks at Police

Kralendijk- In the night from Friday to Saturday, around 00:05 AM a fire alarm was received about an open field on Kaya Nikiboko North.

Upon arrival at the spot, the Police patrol was informed that 5 men had been spotted in the vicinity of the Kaya Macario Sint Jago. At the height of the Kaya Klafir the patrol car was pelted with stones and oranges. Insults were also made to the police. This was done by the 5 men from the yard of a house on the Kaya Klafir.

When the Police proceeded to arrest the men in question, they started a fight with the officers. One of the officers fired a warning shot, creating room to ask for more backup.

When the additional patrols arrived, the fight continued. Ultimately, the men with initials D.J.G.K. aged 20, J.M. aged 23, J.L.M. aged 32, Y.K.M.F. aged 20 and J.M.O. aged 19 have been arrested for overt assault, violence, threats and opposition to an officer in office, failure to comply with police claims, insulting a civil servant, premeditated assault and assault with a weapon.


A video of the incident, appearantly made by family of the arrested men, could be seen all over Social Media yesterday, leading to some discussion about the approach by Police. Most residents however are in agreement with the fact that Police acted firmly.

Governor Edison Rijna has made numerous appeals to residents to observe not only the curfew, but also a general call to stay home as much as possible.

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