Five new assisted living homes in Lodi

ORANJESTAD – The housing stock for people who need social support has increased by five with the completion of the second phase of the Felicia Viola van Zanten assisted living complex on John Tearr Road in Lodi.

Two of the new homes are designed for individuals with physical disabilities. The complex also includes new family units and a nurse’s apartment. The new apartments were officially handed over to Island Commissioner Reuben Merkman last Monday by the contractor, IBS, represented by Carlyle Tearr.

Also present were Social Domain director Carol Jack, advisor Ingrid Whitfield, and technical consultant Siem Dijkshoorn, joined by Elizabeth Jones and Vernon Illidge of Social Domain and Martijn Voorham of the Programme and Project Management Office. Named in honour of Felicia Viola van Zanten, one of the first social workers in government service in Statia, the complex is the fulfilment of her vision for assisted living in the community.

The first phase of the project, which included five tenant spaces, was completed in 2020, and the completion of the second marks a significant step forward in meeting the community’s welfare needs. New tenants are expected to move in soon.

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