Flamingo Airport encourages correct parking behavior through new signage

The airport hopes that new signage will make the difference. Photo: BIA

KRALENDIJK- Bonaire International Airport (BIA) hopes that better signs will make it clearer to motorists where parking is and is not allowed at the airport.

The airport notes that the refurbishment of the roads in the airport car park is now almost complete. By installing clearer signs and signage, according to BIA, the function of the various lanes and parking spaces will be clearer from now on.

In addition to the so-called Kiss & Ride strip, it is a waiting area for taxis and buses and there are also two through lanes. BIA points out once again that the Kiss & Ride lane is only intended to allow passengers to board or disembark quickly and free of charge.

“In the past period we have noticed that visitors have to get used to this new situation and that the Kiss & Ride strip is still regularly used for longer parking. The Kiss & Ride lane is then not available for visitors who want to drop someone off or pick them up quickly. That is why the signage has now been improved,” BIA said in a statement.


In cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, information flyers have been distributed and warnings have been issued that illegal parking is punishable by law. “We assume that everyone adheres to the rules and the Kiss & Ride lane is available to drop off and pick up travelers and visitors quickly and free of charge”, according to Airport Management.

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