Flamingo Airport: Falki Avation is a valued partner

The director of Bonaire International Airport, Maarten van der Scheer seen here during an earlier presentation. Photo: Archive ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – The Flamingo Airport on Bonaire regards Falki Aviation as a valued partner. The director of Bonaire International Airport (BIA) with that statement responds to critical remarks from Falki founder Franklin Antoin, who earlier this week expressed concerns about how the organization feels treated by the airport. 

“BIA highly appreciates Falki and the role Falki has played in our local aviation community for a long time. We have always maintained good contact with Falki. Recently, BIA cleared an area available for containers from various parties, and Falki is also welcome there,” said Van der Scheer. 

The airport director also strongly denies any favouritism towards any party and mentions efforts to improve the location for the Falki aircraft. “I am confident that we can successfully continue our good cooperation with Falki,” he added. 


However, not everyone is equally enthusiastic about placing containers on the airport premises. “In 2021, all containers had to be removed because they posed a danger according to the requirements. Having containers there during a hurricane is very dangerous, as you could quickly have a container on your plane,” said a knowledgeable source with extensive aviation experience in conversation with ABC Online Media.

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