Flamingo Airport (Finally) Confirms Incident with Sarpa plane

The nose gear of Sarpa, according to the Safety Investigation Board, sustained ‘light damage’. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – Nearly three weeks after an unfortunate takeoff by a Sarpa aircraft, Bonaire International Airport (BIA) has finally confirmed the incident. The Sarpa Jetstream was misaligned for takeoff from runway 10, causing damage to several runway lights.

“On the evening of Saturday, May 18, a Jetstream 32 aircraft performed a takeoff from Flamingo Airport, during which some runway lights were damaged. The damage to the runway lights was fully repaired before the next flight. The findings were immediately reported to the authorities by Bonaire International Airport (BIA),” BIA stated on Wednesday.

Safety Investigation Board

The airport also noted that an investigation was initiated by the Dutch Safety Board (OvV) following the incident. “The OvV was also on-site for the investigation. BIA, of course, provided full cooperation with the investigative process.”

A link to the OvV website was provided, but it contains little additional information. A brief statement from the OvV mentions ‘minor damage’ to the nose wheel but gives no further details.

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