Flamingo Airport in Christmas Spirit

As is mostly the case at the Flamingo Airport, decorators have outdone themselves this year to bring the Christmas and year-end spirit to the building. Photo: BES-Reporter

Kralendijk- Bonaire International Airport, known to most by its unofficial name ‘Flamingo Airport’, is fully in the Christmas spirit, since decorations and a live fresh Christmas went up in the check in hall.

The decorations won’t be the only thing passengers traveling out of Flamingo Airport will notice. A new hallway to the departure hall is operational since two weeks ago.

More space

The new hallway means a bit of a longer walk to the immigration desk and the gates, but the good news is the fact that there is (much) more space and much less congestion.

Especially Saturdays tend to be very busy at the airport with a lot of internation flights from American Airlines, KLM, Tui, Delta and United Airlines, to name a few.

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