Flights over Bonaire for aerial photos and altitude measurements

On Saturday, the 20th of January, flights over Bonaire will begin with the aim of taking high-quality aerial photos of the island and altitude measurements. The aircraft with registration PH-SLE will fly through Bonaire’s airspace several times in the coming weeks to collect detailed images and measurements. 

The initiative stems from a collaboration between the public entities and the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations. Successful flights over St Eustatius were already carried out in December and January, capturing high-quality aerial images and altitude measurements. 

The images and data collected from Bonaire, like those from St Eustatius and Saba, will be used to set up a central register for addresses and buildings. Aerial photos play a crucial role in accurately determining the location of each address or building on a map. Registering all data of addresses and buildings in the system only once afterwards makes the data more reliable and minimises inaccuracies in registration of locations, house numbers and address details. The registration improvement and height maps provide valuable insights for Bonaire, to support decision-making by governments, licensing processes and facilitating entrepreneurs and researchers.

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