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Follow the Money is also investigating the owners behind the oil pollution ship in Bonaire

Cleaning work in progress at Lagoen. Photo: Stinapa Bonaire

Investigative journalists Lukas Kotkamp and Daniël van Kessel from news organization Follow the Money have been busy for several weeks trying to identify the companies and individuals responsible for the tugboat that capsized near Tobago, carrying tens of thousands of barrels of oil.

Documents suggest a complicated ownership history involving Star Goods Petroleum and various Dominican entrepreneurs. The owners seem to be making efforts not to be identified, given a trail of companies, trust offices, and frontmen.

Both Bonaire and Trinidad & Tobago want the owners held accountable for the damage caused to the islands’ nature. Experts foresee a challenge in finding the owner to hold them liable.

The two journalists conclude in their article that, despite international agreements, it remains uncertain whether there will ever be compensation for the environmental damage suffered. The full article can be read here: 

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