Foreign workers receive information during Anti-Human Trafficking Day

On October 18th, the Dutch Caribbean Police Force [KPCN], the Public Entity Bonaire and the Labour Inspection provided information to foreign nationals who are working in the Caribbean Netherlands. This information was provided in the context of the fight against human trafficking. Police officers and inspectors of the Public Entity Bonaire and the Labour Inspection engaged in conversation with foreign nationals about what their rights are in terms of remuneration and working hours, and about other rights and obligations. A total of 29 locations were visited and 114 foreign nationals were informed.

The foreign nationals subsequently received a flyer and a brochure containing all the information in simple words for them to peruse. The brochures are published in four languages and can be obtained free of charge at the Social Affairs and Labour Unit.

The information provided focused on the retail industry, domestic workers and the construction sector. Although the purpose of the campaign was to provide information, the police officers and inspectors also detected several situations which require further investigation. These will be investigated in further detail by the parties involved. Furthermore, foreign nationals indicated to the inspectors and other regulators that the information was more than welcome. Based on this signal, early next year the Labour Inspection will organise information evenings for all foreign nationals who are employed in the Caribbean Netherlands.

The initiative originated in the Working Group on Human Trafficking and Smuggling, comprising chain partners such the Police (criminal investigation and Victim Support), the Immigration and Naturalisation Service [Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst, IND], the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, the Guardianship Council, the Public Entity and Social Affairs and Labour. June this year all partners signed the Theme Registry Covenant. The purpose of the Theme Registry Covenant is to effectively address the prevention of and fight against human trafficking and exploitation.

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