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Formal Charges Against Oil Trading Bonaire Director

Island Governor Rijna and Commissioner Tjin Asjoe initially seemed hesitant to file a formal complaint against the Financial Director of Oil Trading Bonaire.

Kralendijk- Island Governor Rijna has decided to press formal charges against Oil Trading Bonaire (OTB) Financial Director S. Balentien.

The formal charges came after a damning report by accounting firm Audit Force which showed that the director had overpaid himself by nearly 400,000 US dollar.

Initially the Executive Council seemed cautious and even hesitant in dealing with the matter and stressed that Balentien had the right to be heard, before coming to any kind of conclusion.

Later on however, Rijna decided to present the file to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Bonaire for a review and opinion. After the Prosecutor’s Office expressed that they saw no justification for the additional payments of Balentien to his company Balfram, Rijna decided to press official charges against the Financial Director.

Rijna said in a press statement that he does not plan to provide further details on the case. “Now that the case is in the hands of the Public Prosecutor, I am confident that we will soon get clarity on the exact details this case “.

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