Former Captain Quarters hotel on Saba to be redeveloped

signing of sale Captain Quaters

After many legal and administrative hurdles the former Qaptain Quarters hotel could finally be sold. Photo: Government of Saba.

The Bottom, Saba- The property known as Captain’s Quarters on Saba has finally been sold to new owners. On Tuesday, August 29, 2017, the sale purchase agreement was executed.

Present at the signing were Island Governor Jonathan Johnson, Legal advisor Gerald de Jong, and Government Information Services officer Saskia Matthew on behalf of Public Entity Saba and Wim and Johanna Van ‘t Hof on behalf of J.W. Hotel & Apartments N.V, the buyer.

Captain’s Quarters, once a 19th-century whaling captain’s house expanded and converted into one of the finest guesthouses on the Island, was destroyed by Hurricane George in 1998. Since then, numerous failed attempts had been made to sell this property, due to complex administrative and legal hurdles.
Finally, these issues have been resolved and the property can be sold and further developed by J.W. Hotel & Apartments N.V

The Public Entity Saba said they were pleased with the fact local and well established entrepreneur from the island have been able to purchase the property with the aim to redevelop it.

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