Forsa Academy organizes ‘social’ windsurfing tournament

KRALENDIJK – Forsa Academy, together with the Socialrun Foundation and Frans Paradise, will organize the first Forsa King of the Caribbean from 14 to 18 April. This is a windsurfing tournament with a social character; vulnerable young people and women are involved in the preparation and throughout the organization to give them the opportunity to discover and use their talents.

Professional windsurfers from Bonaire will be there, but windsurfers (men and women) from the neighboring islands will also participate and show their skills. In addition to the competitions for the professionals, competitions and activities will also be organized for up-and-coming talent. All activities take place at Sorobon around The Frans Paradise.

Exploiting talents

It should become a movement where young people and women can use their talents throughout the year in organizing the event. “It is important that it becomes an event of Bonaire and that it comes back every year,” says Mike Schmit, one of the initiators.

“Young people on Bonaire sometimes have a hard time and many fun events have been lost, partly due to the corona period. They need something to live up to.” More information about the event can be found at

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