Four new Special Enforcement Officer for Saba

THE BOTTOM- Four Saba residents took the oath and accepted their new task as special enforcement officers (“buitengewoon agent van politie”) for the Public Entity Saba on Tuesday, July 26. They will be known as ‘BavPol enforcers.’ 

Bobby Zagers, Justin Yu and Thompson Thomas are employees of the Public Entity Saba while Marijn van der Laan works at the Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF). They will join the BavPol team already occupied by Alexandria Hassell and Randall Johnson. Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) Chief Jose Rosales together with KPCN education coordinator Lionel Vrutaal performed the swearing in on behalf of Dutch Minister of Justice and Safety Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius. 

The four new special enforcement officers took a 2-week enforcement course, they passed the exam and received the approval of the local triangle meeting between the Island Governor, the KPCN and the Caribbean Netherlands Public Prosecutor’s Office. 


In total, Saba now has 6 active special enforcement officers. Special enforcement officers don’t wear a weapon, but they can issue a warning and fine. When working, the BavPol enforcers will be clearly identifiable. They will either wear an official ‘handhaving’ uniform or they will wear a formal Public Entity Saba or SCF-issued polo or shirt in combination with a BavPol ID card. The uniforms were kindly provided by the municipality of Amsterdam and will allow the enforcers to be visible as enforcers in the Saba community.

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