Franklin Antoin of Falki Aviation Bonaire disappointed in actions of Flamingo Airport 

The 40-foot container that was placed for the company Sarpa on Wednesday. Photo: Franklin Antoin.

KRALENDIJK – The driving force behind local flight school Falki Aviation, Franklin Antoin, has on Wednesday expressed deep disappointment with Flamingo Airport’s actions after they placed a container on the premises to create office space for the Colombian company Sarpa. 

Antoin in a post on Social Media highlighted their longstanding requests for a dedicated area to perform maintenance on their fleet which has grown to 6 aircraft, which has been consistently ignored over the past 8 years. 

Antoin said was very surprised to witness the airport installing office space for Sarpa, realizing that it is apparently feasible after all. Antoin also raised concerns about an earlier agreement with BIA that was retracted, resulting in a significant increase in costs. 


Antoin also states that BIA director Maarten van der Scheer never made good on earlier promises made. Antoin says he intends to formally protest the situation by writing an official letter to BIA, which he intends to share with the media.

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