Freewinds Volunteers Continue with fight against Covid in Aruba

Freewinds volunteer at work at the Centro Medico Dr. Rudy Engelbrecht in San Nicolas. Areas such as reception, waiting areas and patient visiting rooms were sanitized.

Oranjestad, Aruba- Volunteers from the Scientology Training ship Freewinds, continue with their assistance in the fight against Covid-19 on the island.

During the past week, assistance was given at various medical facilities, among others with sanitization of medical facilities, and the showing of videos on prevention protocols. The information provided helps to ensure that facilities and ambulances are kept germs-free.

Dr. Duindam of the MedCar Clinic in Palm Beach showed himself grateful for the assistance provided. “This is a fantastic initiative! People need to know and understand so they know what to do to stay Covid -19 free”, said Duindam.

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