From June 1 no health certificate is required for travel to Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- Starting June 1, 2022 travelers to Bonaire no longer need to complete a health declaration. It means that from that date no special travel conditions apply for travellers to the island.

The health certificate expires now that the situation surrounding COVID-19 on Bonaire is under control.
It is possible that the health declaration will be reintroduced in the future. For example, if a new variant of the coronavirus appears or if there is a peak of infections on the island. But that is considered on a case-by-case basis.

The Public Health department calls on everyone to pay close attention to complaints that resemble corona. It concerns complaints such as fever, cough, sore throat, nose cold. The advice is to make a test appointment at 0800 0800.

A person who becomes infected with the corona virus must be in isolation for five days. The close contacts or roommates of an infected person no longer need to be quarantined

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