From September 1, two-factor authentication for use of MijnCN

KRALENDIJK – From September 1, 2022, it is necessary for every user to activate the 2-Factor Authentication of his/her MijnCN account.

According to RCN, users can sign government matters with their MijnCN account, which makes security important. Data is therefore secured in several ways. Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important focus worldwide.

Users who have activated the 2-Factor authentication for the affairs of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) do not have to do this again for the affairs of the Tax and Customs Administration CN.

For more information or help with activating the 2-Factor Authentication of your MijnCN, users can log in to Here you can view an extensive step-by-step plan and an instructional video.


MijnCN was launched in January 2021. MijnCN is the online platform for government services in the Caribbean Netherlands. Residents and companies can use this to arrange their affairs online with the affiliated services. The Tax and Customs Administration CN was the first service on the platform, on which income tax, ABB and payroll tax returns can now be filed.

Social Affairs and Employment already offers services with 2-Factor Authentication on the platform.

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