Full moon walk at the Washington Slagbaai National Park

STINAPA invites the Bonairean community to come and join them on a walk on Sunday July 9th  from 6pm to 9pm, and have some healthy fun under the full moon.

Bring your family and friends and let’s make it a fabulous night. The route will be the Lagadishi trail alongside the coast and back. Don’t forget to put on some walking shoes that are comfortable. Bring a flashlight along, because even if it is full moon you do want to see what’s on the ground right in front of you, so you don’t hit your toes against rocks or even cacti. Don’t forget to bring your own bottle of water and snacks if necessary. For participation please call 717-8444. There is space for 25 people.

The entrance fee is $10 per person.

We will see you at the entrance of Washington Slagbaai National Park on Sunday July 9th.

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