Fundashon FORMA celebrates 30th anniversary

KRALENDIJK- Last Friday the celebration took place of Fundashon FORMA’s 30th anniversary of providing ‘second-chance’ education on Bonaire.

During the festive meeting, the Commissioner of Education, Nina den Heyer, chairman of the board Ludwig Balentin, Nolly Oleana on behalf of OCW and the director of the educational institute Soraya Menché spoke.

Den Heyer herself worked for FORMA for some time. “It was a time during which I learned quite a lot”, said Den Heyer looking back. Ludwig Balentien gave a brief overview of the establishment of the institute and the important role that FORMA now occupies in society.

Nolly Oleana, who is responsible for education within RCN, pointed out that those who laid the foundations for FORMA at the time had a lot of courage. “It was a very different time, also economically and with a very different labour market,” said Oleana.


Director Soraya Menché primarily expressed word of appreciation for the team of the organization, which now consists of 32 people. Mensché also pointed out that FORMA fulfils an important social task. “People also earn a second chance in the labour market and when it comes to education.”


Positive is also the news that Commissioner Nina den Heyer would have recently secured the financing necessary for the construction of FORMA’s own accommodation. Until now, the foundation is dependent on renting accommodation from third parties.

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