Garbage collection on Bonaire will get more expensive per January 1

KRALENDIJK- Consumers and businesses on Bonaire will be paying more for the service of garbage collection starting January 1, 2023. 

Wage Management company Selibon, a Government-owned company, has submitted Selibon has submitted a proposal to the Executive Council of the Public Entity Bonaire to adjust the waste levy rate. 

“Until now, the rates established since 2005 have been applied and maintained. Logically, it must be concluded that these old rates are not sufficient to cover the costs of the waste disposal policy. This is the main reason for an adjustment to a level equivalent to the current costs”, according to Selibon in a press release sent out on Wednesday. 

The Executive Council in the meantime has approved the new rates. 


Starting January 1, 2023 households on Bonaire will be charged 14 dollars and 50 cents per month for the weekly garbage collection. Companies will be paying a fixed fee of 21 dollars and 3 cents per month. The new fees are separate from additional fees for the rental of a bigger container or the collection on a more regular basis. 

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