Gasoline Bonaire increases 11 cents in price

KRALENDIJK – Gasoline on Bonaire will become more than eight percent more expensive as of Friday, March 10. The price at the pump will then cost 1 dollar and 46 cents per liter, compared to 1 dollar and 35 cents now.

The price of diesel will rise much less sharply, by two extra cents per liter. Gas is also a bit more expensive. A large gas bottle will become 1.87 more expensive, while a small gas bottle will increase in price by 43 cents.

The Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) reminds motorists of the fact that there is still a temporary reduced excise duty. Without this temporary reduction, fuel prices would be considerably higher.

Long queues

The government’s announcement already led to considerable queues at the various pumping stations on Thursday. Many motorists wanted to quickly fill up the tank before more had to be paid.

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