GEBE warns: ‘No tolerance for obscene language or threats’

PHILIPSBURG- Electricity producer and distributor GEBE warns their customers that inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated on the Company’s premises. 

“We kindly request your attention to the following regarding appropriate behaviour within our premises. We strive to maintain a safe and respectful environment for our customers and staff”, according to GEBE’s message. 

Examples of behaviour which will not be tolerated is the use of obscene language or issuing threats towards staff members. “Such behaviour undermines our commitment to providing exceptional service and creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for everyone involved”, says the Company. GEBE also warns that violation of the rules, may lead to forced removal of the Customer by the Company. 


Ever since the Cyber Attack on the Utility Company, there has been much criticism from the customers of the Company. Clients complain of very long lines and the fact that they do not always receive logical answers when complaining about bills or amounts owed, which seem incorrect. 

Aggressive behaviour displayed by some Customers seem to be at least partially caused by some of the issues the Company has been plagued with for over 1 year now. 

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