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General rehearsal for Bonaire’s Cuba-show

Those present in the Wilhelmina Park yesterday could get a preview of the show that will be held in Santiago, Cuba during the Festival del Caribe show. Foto: BES-Reporter.

Kralendijk- Yesterday a general rehearsal took place in the Plaza Reina Wilhelmina for the show which will be given by Bonaire during the Festival del Caribe. The show will be held in Cuba in the beginning of July and will, this year, be dedicated to Bonaire.

The show yesterday, presented during the Taste of Bonaire festival, drew many spectators who loved the spectacle of colors, music, dances and beautiful outfits. The show is a mix of the old and new. There were the more traditional folkloric dances, but also more modern dance presentations and a presentation by a brass band. Part of the show was also a presentation of carnival costumes which would be admired during past years.

Although the artistic director for the show, Angelo Domacassé, still has some weeks before the presentation in Cuba and could still make some tweaks to the final presentation, the show already looks quite well put together and can be considered fast-paced and entertaining.

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